Xbox 360/Xbox One and PS3/PS4 Repair

Reflow xbox 360 repairWelcome to GameTek, we specialize in Xbox One Repair   Xbox 360 Repair,PS4 Repair PS3 Repair, as well as Nintendo Wii Repair. Also, we offer Nintendo DS/DSI, notebook and PC repair on-site or at our facility.

When your favorite video game console needs repair, you need a professional that can do the job right and on time. There is nothing worse that having a broken system that you cannot play. Even worse, trying to find someone that has the right tools and knowledge to get your game console back up and running.We use professional grade equipment and components to repair your video game consoles, that is what puts our service above the competition.Take a look at our SV-550 industrial solder machine and see for yourself how far we go above the competition when it comes to Xbox 360 repair, PS3 repair, Nintendo Wii Repair or laptop & PC repair.

How do we  fix your systems? What is Reflow,Reball & Chip replacement?

A lot of people are asking what is reflowing,reballing & chip replacement?Also they ask how does Gametek fixes their systems?

Well let me explain what we do.

xbox 360 repair ps3 repair solder free & leadReflowing is a process where we heat up the original chip that fails on the board due to cold solder joints underneath the chip.This is caused by heat, flexing and poor design.Reheating the board and chip can caused the old solder to become weaker so we use flux to help it become stronger but not back to its original state when you bought it new. You also cannot clean the oxidized solder properly underneath the bga chip so any trapped dirt can cause connection issues because your not removing the bga chip on a reflow service.But the main problem is still there! Microsoft has to use lead-free solder which is required by USA law that any kid toys must be lead free solder.This is where the poor design comes into play.

Reflow expected life.

Xbox 360:  1 month to 1 year.

Playstation  3:  1 month to 1 year.

Wii:  1 month to 1 year

Reballing is a process where we lift off the defective chip off the motherboard.You clean up all the old solder off the pads of the motherboard/chipset by using solder wick.The reason why you you do this is so you have a strong clean connection between chipset and motherboard.Once all the pads are cleaned like new,you are now ready to replace with new leaded solder (stronger solder) on the chip and placing it back on the board . If reballing your original chipset does not work than a replacement chipset may be needed in order to make your system work again.  Why does this work 95% of the time?  Because the 95% of the time the main problem is either bad chip or bad oxidized solder so it just needs to be replaced and so that the unit can be put back to new status.  So what is the 5% chance this is where the pads on the board that hold the solder in place are bad.A motherboard is limited to how many heat cycles it may be put through so too many reflows will likely not work with this service.This is excessive heat and if this happens it can not be repaired.The unit will need to be replaced.

Why is reballing better then sending it to Sony or Microsoft?Let me explain.Microsoft & Sony will use lead free solder which is very brittle and can break easy.We will use Lead Based solder and will last much longer.Lead based solder is used in high end equipment like USA satellites.

We Recommend Chip replacement for the PS3 to get the highest expected life out of your console.

Chip Replacement expected life is:

Playstation 3:  1 to 3 years Plus!

PS3 reflow 3 month warranty\Ps3 Chip replacement 1 year warranty (Remember Sony only gives a 90 day warranty when they repair it)

Xbox 360: 1 to 3 years Plus!

Xbox 360 reflow 3 month warranty\Xbox 360 Reball 1 year warranty (Remember Microsoft only gives a 90 day warranty with them also!)

Wii U: 1 to 3 years Plus!

Wii U reflow 3 month warranty\Wii U Reball 1 year warranty(Remember Nintendo only gives a 90 day warranty with them also!)

Why does Sony,Microsoft and Nintendo do this then?  Because the consumer demands high end graphics!

Please contact us is you have a questions about your video game console repair, we would be glad to explain the options and costs for your specific issue. We are a local company and offer Xbox 360 Repair, PS3, Nintendo Wii, Nintendo DS/DSI, laptop or PC right the first time and get you back to gaming as soon as possible.

All consoles that are left over a period of 90 days and are not claimed by the owner will be forefeited to Gametek.A clean up is conducted every 90 days and unclaimed property will either be sold as is or be disposed.

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