Nintendo Wii Repair

Nintendo Wii Repair in Corona | Nintendo Wii Repair in Riverside |Nintendo Wii Repair in the Inland EmpireDo you only have audio, but no video when you attempt to play your Nintendo Wii?

Or, does your Wii freeze while playing?

Gametek faces these issues on a  daily basis and can professionally repair your console without costing you an arm and a leg. So, if this happens, do not worry. Gametek has professional tools to do the job right. We know exactly what to do to repair your console and have it ready for your gaming needs.While the Nintendo Wii may not be as well-known for its problems, it still has a host of issues.  Nintendo consoles can fail to read discs, fail to eject discs, fail to sync with their remote, and fail to receive power. Even though these are lesser-known problems, Gametek has the knowledge and experience to offer our Nintendo Wii repair services.

Free Service to Our Customers:
Complete In-n-Out Cleaning – cleaning service to remove dust, smoke and debris from your gaming console (recommended every 6 months).

Call Gametek and save your console and your money…today!

We repair the all of the following and more:
– Stuck drives
– DVD Drive
– Graphic Problems
– Glitching and freezing

Nintendo Wii Repair Service Pricing
Wii Reflow…………………………$50.00 (For New Wii that lauches in 2012)
Wii Reball…………………………$100.00(For New Wii that lauches in 2012)
Wii DVD Drive Replacement……..$50.00(3 Month warranty)

Please Call For More Details! 951 286-0808

*Wii Reflow 3 month warranty\ Reball 1 year warranty

GameTek offers Nintendo Wii Repair in Corona, Nintendo Wii Repair in Riverside, and Nintendo Wii Repair in the Inland Empire.

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