PC, Laptop and Iphone Repair

pc repair laptop repair in Corona | pc repair laptop repair in Riverside | pc repair laptop repair in the Inland EmpireYes, Gametek offers PC, laptop, iphone, ipad and ipod repairs too!

If you are having a problem with your home pc,laptop,iphone,ipad,ipod then give us a call. Gametek not only repairs your game consoles, bit we are highly trained in computer repair. You can rest assure that your computer is in good hands with the professionals at GameTek, and be confident that your system will be repaired by a trained professional with years of PC and laptop repair experience.

Gametek can repair anything form a  slow system to virus removal services and more! And with Gametek, you will not be charged an outrageous price. If your computer is giving you trouble or if your are having an issue with your laptop, don’t worry…Gametek is here to help!
Here are some of the following symptoms we repair:

• Motherboard overheats
• Computer won’t Boot, but all the lights and fans come on.
• Wireless Card vanishes from the device manager. Wireless won’t work.
• Memory lots not detecting the memory module
• Won’t read the hard drive
• Web cam won’t work
• DVD Drive won’t be seen by device manager
• Artifacts on the screen, usually described as bad video memory
• No Video or Scrambled Video
• Laptop keeps rebooting or shuts down by itself
• Laptop freezes
• Will not shut down properly
• Will turn on only sometimes
• Will not power on with the battery installed
• Will not stay on with only the AC Adapter
• Blue screen of death
• Motherboard has a Bios Password
• Keyboard will not work
• Other ports will not work like USB or Ethernet

Please call for Price Quote 951 286-0808


GameTek offers pc repair and laptop repair in Corona, pc repair and laptop repair in Riverside, pc repair and laptop repair in the Inland Empire.

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