PS3/PS4 Repair

PS3 Repair in Corona | PS3 Repair in Riverside | PS3 Repair in the Inland EmpireThe so called “Yellow Light of Death” is not as famous as the Xbox 360’s “Red Ring of Death” but is caused the same way.

That’s right, the lead-free solder is a major problem but Sony built the PS3 more efficiently which is why the system last longer than the Xbox 360.The PS4/Xbox One problem still exists because no gaming system is perfect. If this happens to you, the Pros as Gametek will reflow your PS3/PS4 with our Professional SV 550 Rework Station. If the reflow does not repair your system than you would need a more advance repair called a reball or chip replacement .Our reball or chip replacement is our best service and we recommend when selecting a service to choose it over a reflow service. If you need more information please visit our home page which it goes more in detail about our “Reflow VS Reball” repair services.

Let us ensure your PS3/PS4 runs at peak performance. Check out amazing deals below:

PS3/PS4 System Cleaning……………..$40

PS3/PS4 Reball………………………….$115-$125

PS3 Chipset Replacement……$125

PS3/PS4 Laser Replacement……………$50-$75

Hard Drive Increase…….Call for pricing

PS3/PS4  DVD Drive Replacement…..$75-$100

We can repair these PS3/PS4 issues:

  • YLOD Overheating Issues
  • Stuck Drives
  • Blue Ray Laser Lens Replacement (Unit not reading games or movies)
  • Corrupt Hard Drive
  • Power Supply Issues (No power going to the unit)
  • Unit Not Able To Sync With Controllers
  • No Sound or Video, Motherboard Issues

*PS3/PS4 Reflow 3 month warranty\Ps3 Reball/Chip Replacement 1 year warranty\PS4 Reball 1 year warranty (Remember Sony only gives a 90 day warranty when they repair it)

GameTek is your local resource for PS4 Repair in Corona, PS4 Repair in Riverside,  PS4 Repair in the Inland EmpirePS3 Repair in Corona, PS3 Repair in Riverside and PS3 Repair in the Inland Empire.

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